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Below are two applications that serve as reference guides for commercial pesticides approved for use in greenhouses in Michigan (current as of June 2014). This guide was created by faculty at Michigan State University and is intended as a reference only and is offered 'as is'. It is intended for commercial greenhouse growers who are primarily raising ornamentals or vegetable transplants. Use of products listed in this guide does not guarantee that the insecticide will provide adequate control of the pests listed on the label. For more information on how well insecticide products worked in research trials, contact a greenhouse extension agent in your area.  


To access the INSECT CONTROL web application, navigate to flor.hrt.msu.edu/IWC on your smartphone or computer.

To access the DISEASE CONTROL web application, navigate to flor.hrt.msu.edu/DWC on your smartphone or computer.

The PGR Mix Master (version 2.0) was developed by Brian Krug and can used to help you mixed the desired concentration of different plant growth regulators commonly used in the production or greenhouse ornamental crops.




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