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Greenhouse Crop Extension Personnel at MSU



Michigan State University Extension has a strong relationship with the floriculture industry in the state.  Several MSU faculty and staff with floriculture extension responsibilities serve the industry (below).  Additional MSU faculty and staff provide support to the floriculture industry through research, teaching, and related outreach programs.

Dr. Erik Runkle, Professor

Extension Specialist, floriculture production
MSU Department of Horticulture

(517) 353-0350

Dr. Bridget Behe, Professor
Marketing Specialist
MSU Department of Horticulture
(517) 353-0346

Dr. Jan Byrne
Plant Diagnostician
MSU Diagnostic Services
(517) 355-3504

Mr. Aluel Go
Extension Specialist, agriculture engineering
MSU Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
(517) 353-0643

Mr. Jeremy Jubenville

Extension Educator, greenhouse/floriculture crops

MSU Extension, Southwest Michigan

(269) 384-8010


Ms. Heidi (Wollaeger) Lindberg
Extension Educator, greenhouse/nursery crops
MSU Extension, West Michigan

(616) 994-4701

Dr. Roberto Lopez, Assistant Professor

Extension Specialist, controlled-environment production
MSU Department of Horticulture

(517) 353-0342

Dr. Mary Hausbeck, Professor
Extension Specialist, floriculture diseases
MSU Department of Plant Pathology
(517) 355-4534

Dr. W. Garrett Owen

Outreach Specialist, greenhouse/floriculture crops serving Western Michigan

MSU Department of Horticulture

(248) 347-3860, Ext. 202


Dr. David Smitley, Professor
Extension Specialist, floriculture insect pests
MSU Department of Entomology
(517) 355-3385



Additional faculty with floriculture expertise

Dr. Art Cameron, Professor

Director, MSU Horticulture Gardens

MSU Department of Horticulture
(517) 353-0338



Dr. Ryan Warner, Associate Professor

Floriculture crop physiologist

MSU Department of Horticulture
(517) 353-0344




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