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2011 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo, December 6 to 8



The Western Michigan Greenhouse Association, the Metro Detroit Flower Growers’ Association,

and the Michigan State University Floriculture Team

are proud to offer the

2011 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo

in coordination with

The Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo

in the Devos Place Convention Center, downtown Grand Rapids
Visit the Great Lakes Expo Website to register and for more information

Greenhouse Education Sessions at a Glance

Tuesday, December 6th

9:00 to 9:50 10:00 to 10:50    



2:00 to 2:50 3:00 to 3:50

Achieving Success in a New Economy: Ten Tips to Top-Notch Performance For Greenhouse Retailers

Bridget Behe, MSU

Hear What Your Retail Customers Really Should Be Telling You: Focus Groups Made Easy

Bridget Behe, MSU

Selling Local...You Need to Know the Winning Ways

John Stanley, John Stanley Associates

Fruit Production... In a Greenhouse!

Eric Hanson, MSU

Sustainable Greenhouse Production Practices

Roberto Lopez, Purdue University


MSU Floriculture Research Update

Moderated by Ryan Warner, MSU

How to Choose What Works for Disease Control

Mary Hausbeck, MSU

Sponsored by
OHP, Inc.

Thrips, Aphids, Spider Mites... Oh My... and the Good Bugs Research Update

Jeanne Himmelein, Emily Pochubay, and Dave Smitley, MSU

Wednesday, December 7th

9:00 to 9:50
10:00 to 10:50
    2:00 to 2:50
3:00 to 3:50

Great Michigan Plants for Growers and Gardeners

Art Cameron, MSU

Greenhouse Energy Audits and Rebate Money: A Grower Panel

Andy Buist, Micandy Gardens; Dan Schrauben, Schrauben Energy Audits; Ron Sportel, Sportel Greenhouse; and Kevin Westrate, Westrate Greenhouse

Information and Tools for Scheduling Bedding Plants

Erik Runkle, MSU

Managing Western Flower Thrips: Have We Reached An Impasse?

Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State Univ.

Sponsored by Syngenta Flowers Inc.

Sneak Peak: New Plant Material for 2012-13.
A Panel Presentation

P. Allen Hammer- Dummen USA; John Gaydos, Proven Winners; and Sam Kimling, Paul Ecke Ranch

Mixed Containers:  What Works and Why

Lisa Wenke Ambrosio, Wenke Greenhouses;
Nirmal Shah, Plants Unlimited; and
Tammy Diedrick, Ruhlig Greenhouse

Thursday, December 8th

9:00 to 1:00

Determining Your Greenhouse Cost of Production Using the New MSU Software (extra registration fee required)

Roger Betz, MSU; Adam Kantrovich, MSU Extension; and
Thomas Dudek, MSU Extension

Sponsored by GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Trade Show Hours:

Tuesday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



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